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My Med Lab offers an efficient, affordable, and confidential solution to medical laboratory testing. Users are able to browse a wide array of medical laboratory tests, become informed on both the tests and diseases, and offer the ability to purchase the medical lab test directly on the website. MyMedLab's online solution is centralized around the PHR (Personal Health Record) system and allows the user to see specific test results and monitor their overall health. We have over 200 lab tests you can order. We provide affordable nationwide service.

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Learn More About My Med Lab / DNA Solutions:

  • DNA paternity with next day results
  • Twin tests
  • Sibling DNA test and more
  • Paternity and forensic testing
  • Court admissible results next business day
  • Google Health
  • HealthVault
  • Keas
  • Drug and alcohol testing

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My Med Lab
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